Something unnatural, industrial, manufactured, multiple, bought.
Chain. By the foot, on a spool, shiny, chain. 
One type of chain per piece.
Chain: a series of tiny holes that allows for a texture and movement that is not present in other stock metal materials.
Utilizing chain as raw material, not as the finished product.
Drawn to each specimen's life-like, spirited qualities, seemingly native to it. 
Attracted to the way chain flows over the body in response to gravity.
Line vs. texture. Density vs.delicacy. Reverence vs. disregard. Raw vs. refined. 
Questions of beauty, quantity, value and the hierarchy of materials in adornment.
Creative process is driven by the materials with which I begin.
Intuitively working, calling forth my traditional metalsmithing training and alternative techniques to coax the chain into releasing its inherent beauty. Excavate it. 
Tell its fictional story through form. 
Mine its beauty from deep within.