I vow to provide kind and just customer service. 

I am committed to designing and making in a way that minimally impacts the environment. I carefully consider my materials and their implications on the world, its beings, and my health. I only purchase recycled metals from reliable, reputable sources. I endeavor to make fine objects at attainable prices, so my tribe can adorn themselves and each other.

While my pieces are powerful, they are neither indestrucible, nor invincible.
In some cases, you may choose a piece that is, indeed, temporal. 
Quirks are not considered flaws. 
In many cases, "last thing on, first thing off" is the best and only plan. 
Unless otherwise stated, it is advisable to take pieces off before showering, swimming and going to bed. 

A small drop of dish soap and water is suitable for cleaning your jewelry. If you purchased a sterling silver piece with an intentional patina, clean only using a soft damp cloth, a small drop of dish soap and water.  The patina may fade over time.  The beauty of aging!  Clean other lightly tarnished metals with a soft toothbrush or simply with your fingers using toothpaste, baking soda and water;  a designated jewelry polishing cloth or very fine steel wool.  Avoid cleaning gems, stones, shells, other found objects. Store your piece carefully in the pouch received with purchase, or give it some prime real estate on your bedroom dresser or wall. These instructions are applicable for your ANDERLONIS pieces. Consult elsewhere for cleaning other jewelry. 

Repairs will be made to any piece that I have made, when a repair is possible.  Please contact me on the using the button below for an assessment. A nominal fee to cover time and materials may be charged at my discretion, or if breakage is the result of misuse or mis-storage. (i.e. you wouldn't be surprised if you purchased a nice glass or porcelain cup and it broke if you dropped it. Don't be surprised if your jewelry ends up at the bottom of your abyss purse,  in the cupholder in your car,  or shoved in your skinny- jeans pocket, broken!)  One-of-a-kind pieces are truly OOAK and are handled on a case-by-case basis.  Buyer pays for any and all shipping and any return shipping and insurance costs.  Temporal jewelry. . .some things just don't last forever. The nature of working with found objects accepts the risk of breakage or loss without exact replacement being possible. Purchasing these pieces is your acceptance of that and the emotions that accompany such events. Embrace the wabi-wabi, the imperfection and impermanence.  Thank you for your understanding. That said, I stand behind my work and hope to create genuine, lasting, happy relationships with my patrons.

I want all of my patrons to be happy with their ANDERLONIS jewelry. In the event you wish to return an unworn, undamaged piece within 2 weeks of your purchase, contact me below. In the event a return is agreed upon, it will be for Credit only. 

Please reach me at the button below to determine if we shall align!

I welcome the challenge if the project is staying true to my artistic voice and skillset. Please reach me at the button below and complete the form.  Commissions require a minimum budget and a non-refundable deposit upon agreement to proceed and the balance is due upon completion and prior to shipping or delivery.
Certain circumstances may require patrons to front the cost of materials. 

Cash when vending at in-person events, Checks from wholesale accounts, PayPal and Square otherwise.
Square works with any US-issued and most internationally-issued magstripe or chip cards bearing a Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, or UnionPay logo. Payment is expected prior to shipment. 

Sales tax will be charged accordingly for purchases made in the state of California. 

I like to go places and many of those places do not have internet access. In the event that I am away, I will make it clear on my homepage announcement banner when I will be back and able to ship pieces. I am a one-woman show! I will also set up auto-reply emails letting you know when I will be back on the grid. Thank you for understanding my lifestyle. I trust it shows in my work. 

I ship using USPS Priority Mail flat-rate boxes, with additional insurance to cover the full retail value the piece. 
I recommend having a signature required upon delivery. 
Buyer pays for any and all shipping and any return shipping and insurance costs.

I value my privacy and in turn, I respect yours. I vow to keep your information confidential. If you purchase from me or if you opt-in to my mailing list, I will contact you occasionally announcing new collections, events, promotions or newsletters.  
You may opt-out at any time. But please don't! :) Please feel free to post, share, pin any images with due credit or pass along my emails to your tribe.