These archived pieces
were one-of-a-kind &
have found their owner.
Inquire for similar pieces / commissions.

This collection begins with the seeking + 
finding of natural objects on my ritualistic
beach walks and mountain hikes. I carefully select and edit my found objects as the beginning stages of honoring these specimens in a piece of jewelry.
I now collect with the intention of making,
not only for the sake of collecting. 

What will it be?

The collecting, keeping and arranging of objects is very human. 
I deem my found worthy of jewelry,
and jewelry worthy of my found.
I listen to how each natural souvenir
wishes to relate to the body.  
What do you collect? 

 This collection is named STAYING FOUND
(fromWild, Cheryl Strayed) because it is my hope that the wearer never loses sight of where the piece came from.

 Mine is a process playfully-rooted in material, walking the fine line between tame and unruly, between raw and refined.

 I hope you wonder about the object's life, where it was and what it will become now that it has taken
on another existence as jewelry.

I try to make the most of the inherent qualities of the
forms, lines, textures, patterns, negative space,
imperfections of each specimen. What do you see? 

 I hope that my language as a maker is in-keeping with the object's innate vocabulary, so it will, indeed, Stay Found.

This collection will be on-going and ever-evolving;
I hope that I never stop seeking. I hope that it takes you places.