ANDERLONIS, the brand


Who?  +  What?  +  Why?
not necessarily in that specific order. 

ANDERLONIS is my mom's Lithuanian maiden name.
I make this jewelry so it ignites something within you--enthusiasm, excitement, nostalgia, wholehearted joy, compelling curiosity and courage to be your most true YOU and fill your heart's desires.  To be the leading lady in your life, not a guest star.  To invoke your magic and power. And take it places. 

My word for 2018 is CLARITY. 
I won't pretend to know all of the answers to Why I get to pursue such a fun vocation,  but I vow to cultivate jewelry as my metier, my calling. I vow to use my talents wisely and gratefully.  I shan't squander them. I am doing work that lights me up and makes me come alive. I hope in the wearing of this jewelry, you come alive and that it inspires you to do the same. 

This jewelry is for you. My fellow wonder/wanderer.  Avid day-dreamer and kindred seeker. You walk to your own beat and highly value your time, your freedom, your solitude and your independence. You love to be outside. . . on the beach, in the mountains or in a city gazing up at the sky.  You're creative. You love to get lost in looking. You are both a loner and really good company.  You are classy, yet understated,  and naturally glamorous. You are drawn to neutral colors, natural fabrics, rich, luxe and luscious textures and layering. You surround yourself in beauty with effortless hints of splendor, of glamour.  You have a wild hair. 

You love to accessorize. Shoes. Jewelry. Sunglasses. Handbags.
Utility + style, with a smile. You highly regard your sense of personal style and composure. But no one would know; you pull it off with such grace and ease. 

You can't help but wear your soul on your sleeve. You are articulate but not necessarily outspoken. You've been told you have impeccable taste. (You agree.) You are quietly bold. You are a self-purchaser, because you are discerning and deliberate;  you are not an over-purchaser--you choose quality things that you really, truly love. And you wish to keep them forever. 

My mission is to create jewelry with a real presence, that shines your radiant, inner light outward, to give you the courage to be your most authentic YOU.  

I wish for my work to fit my lifestyle. Not the other way around.
Time, is really all we have.





Remain TRUE + PURE with my inspiration + action.

Source + make ETHICALLY + RESPONSIBLY toward the earth + her beings.


Openly, willingly SEEK + LEARN. 

I carefully hand make each piece on the wild California coast. One-of-a-kind and limited edition collections explore my material curiosities, calling on my metalsmithing training in traditional (and non-traditional ways) to arrive at clever, direct solutions, that will prove to be different that what you already have. It's meant to be cherished, so you never want to put it out of sight; you want to leave it on your dresser or hang in on your wall. Honor it. 

The vision for the evolution of ANDERLONIS.
To begin. To start where I am, with what I have, in the time I have, in the place I am. To remind myself (and you) that it is never too late to follow a dream. To create collections with materials that I have that move me, then evolve into carefully, responsibly, ethically choosing additional materials that compel me in moving forward and compel you to slow down and notice the little things and the finer details. 
To evolve from an Art Jewelry and Bridge Jewelry Collection into a brand that encompasses a Fine Jewelry Collection. One day.

I trust my goosebumps, butterflies and intuition to lead the (joyful) way. 

I wish to live generously. . . 

Generous with my time and presence with loved ones.

Generous with my creativity and energy.

Generous with gift-giving and experience-gifting to my loved ones and those less fortunate.

Generous support for other makers, artists, chefs, creatives that move me and for brands providing me with life's necessary objects that embody the highest of ethical, environmental and quality standards.

Generous to myself with attentive self-care,
investment in my personal growth +
my constant pursuit of adventure.